With Senator Marco Rubio giving a full-throated video endorsement of his “friend” and “only conservative,” Julio Gonzalez over his opponent Richard DeNapoli, is it a surprise to anyone that DeNapoli has scrubbed all of the pictures of him and Rubio from his website and Facebook page?

Contrary to what DeNapoli was telling Sarasota voters, Rubio really despises DeNapoli.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The bromance between Rubio and DeNapoli first started when DeNapoli openly protested and tried to prevent a straw poll from occurring during a August 2009 meeting of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC).

At the time, Rubio was trouncing then-Republican Charlie Crist in Senate straw polls being held by GOP clubs around the state of Florida.

DeNapoli was in bed with Crist political campaign for the U.S. Senate, as were many Republicans at the time, including his current pint-sized political consultant, Anthony Pedicini, who turns out to be a very ‘colorful’ and out-spoken type of guy.

DeNapoli and friends all supported Crist’s full-bodied embrace of the Obama’s failed Stimulus Act of 2009.

That’s right. DeNapoli supported Crist’s hug of Obama and his Stimulus Act.

Then there were the two heckling incidents at two of Rubio’s Senate campaign stops in Hallandale Beach and Fort Lauderdale, where DeNapoli took it upon himself to interrupt Rubio and question him on why he was running, and why he thought he could be Charlie Crist.

DeNapoli continued supporting Crist through 2010, even when Crist left the GOP to run as an Independent, and told several past chairmen of the BREC that Crist would still beat Rubio in the general.

DeNapoli turned out to be dead wrong.

Being the shameless opportunist that he is, in 2010 DeNapoli would show up to Rubio events and snap a picture or two of him posing with the future Senator. DeNapoli’s pictures of him and Rubio have been used in campaign literature, and are the one’s he recently scrubbed from his campaign.

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