Looks like a very well liked Broward Republican Executive Committeeman (BREC) has created a short documentary on Mr. Denapoli. We have uploaded a large amount of information to shed sunlight on the actions of Attorney Richard Denapoli who has been, in our opinion, behaving in the shadows as a Democrat in conservative clothing. Jesus said you would know them by their fruit. Mr. Denapoli may say what you want to hear, but the fruits of his actions in our opinion is quite bitter. Andrew Brett who is an active America First/MAGA Patriot is well liked in the conservative circles. He was recently attacked by Denapoli with Lawsuits that Mr. Brett seems to be winning on all accounts. Mr. Brett was one of many MAGA activists that were served with lawsuits to “shut them up” and stop their activities from being effective against the Democrats and the RINOs that stand in our way!

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