ULTRA RINO Richard “Dick” Denapoli Has issued an email calling on Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) members to support his RINO power grab to obtain the personal information of BREC Patriots at Monday’s BREC meeting June 28, 2021.”

OPINION PIECE: Trump’s first rally after having the 2020 presidential election stolen from him was held yesterday in Ohio with a 2nd one planned for Sarasota, FL July 3, 2021 with a fireworks show. Trump encouraged his America First troops to go RINO hunting to keep them out of office or throw the bums out of office. Right Side Broadcasting Network and Newsmax offered the rally live on their online channels. After criticizing at length the policies of Biden and Congressional Democrats, Trump called for a massive political reset in the 2022 midterms. “The number one priority for everyone who wants to save America is to put every ounce of energy into winning a victory in midterms and in 2024,” Trump said. Trump called for America First candidates and policies to dominate in the 2022 election cancelling out the watered down Democrat light that the RINO’s tend to be. The RINO’s fearing a political target on their back have shed their political clothing and wrapping up in Trump wear, but still blocking the America First policies and activists!

How does Trump’s call to weed out RINO’s play out on the South Florida political landscape? Well, its looks like Dick Denapoli is mudding the waters with a deceptive email to Republicans with a Trump target on his back after the Ohio speech. The email details more stolen “political” valor of bragging of his political successes that were secured by other Broward Republican Executive Committeemen (BREC) then running on cable news to claim as his own. Sorta smells like a clout chaser to me. He then goes on to complain that that he does not have access to the membership roll. The whole email is about him wanting to gather support to pave forward a motion in BREC to obtain the members’ list among other things. Dick accuses the current board of allowing applications to fall through the cracks citing two individuals who’s applications were over looked by overworked non-pay volunteers. The two individuals that Dick Denapoli cites in his email, Chris Nelson and Albert Massey, are tied to Richard “Dick Denapoli to the hip! Controversial Chris Nelson is known for trolling unsuspecting elderly individuals at gas stations and vocally shaming them live on Facebook for wearing masks. Denapoli’s ultimate goal is to obtain the voter rolls and purge America First patriots from the rolls to preserve his seat from a censure vote or a vote of no confidence. Each member has one vote in BREC. The more America First Patriots are read into BREC the greater the risk of Dick Denapoli being purged from office himself. As you can see this political power play is to take power from the board and delete votes that could harm his continued political success.

Massey With Dick Denapoli

The controversial Chris Nelson works hand in hand with Darlene Swaffar who owns SouthFloridaFirst.com as per SunBiz.org, and is currently running for U.S. Congress Dist. 22 office. Swaffar’s campaign is partially managed and influenced by Tom Vaughn who is known in the conservative movement as a political con artist who has been banned by many Republican groups and campaigns in South Florida. This den of RINO’s drape themselves with the flag alleging to support Trump and FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, but Denapoli has done everything he could to block Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign efforts in Broward County as the current Republican State Committeeman. He is not black & white about how he goes about it but it is well known in the DeSantis campaign that Denapoli is a BIG road block in Broward county for the Florida Governor’s re-election! South Florida First aka Congressional candidate Darlene Swaffar is promoting a Broward RINO agenda by placing the Dick Denapoli’s call to action on their “Republican In Name Only” website and telling their readers and BREC members read the “BI laws” to be aware of the issues on Denapoli’s pleas.

This is a email from the Broward State Committeeman informing the Committee on issues and what he plans to bring up At the meeting this Monday . If you a Committeeman or women please read the BI laws at https://southfloridafirst.com/gop-news to be aware of the issues . 


Below you will see how the faux MAGA South Florida First website uses its platform to promote Richard “Dick” Denapoli’s power grab agenda. many in the MAGA community just wish this man to go away but like many power hungry politicians they slither in the swamp to gain new power in our opinion. Drain Broward Swamp has reason to believe that the RINO’s are scared of the America First community. Swaffar has just recently been in the Orlando, Florida Republican Liberty Caucus annual event running from political superstar to super star getting selfies to pose as a conservative on her website. Broward voters must beware of these people and do their research on candidates.

Denapoli has had a long and slimy career in the Broward Swamp. As articles come up on him by credible non-MSM news sources the MAGA community see’s clearer and clearer that Denapoli is a road block for the Trump agenda and Broward County’s help to DeSantis. He may speak like a Trumpster, but we here at Drain Broward Swamp know him for the fruits of his labor. His fruit stinks and as Trump gave the example of the snake last night in the Ohio rally we all know that America First should NOT play with snakes. Those that are in the RINO camp seek power and perhaps Denapoli has promise favors for their help or we here could be totally wrong, are wrong to be playing with snakes for favors to be elected. The question you must ask yourself after reading the other articles on this site……..do I trust Denapoli’s power grab? Should he get the voter’s list? Should he stay in power as a Republican State Committeeman? All these questions lead you to a fork on the road. The right takes you to America First when the left fork takes you to RINO-LAND. If you are a BREC member at Monday’s meeting remember Nancy Reagan’s saying…. “JUST SAY NO!”

Trump Declares RINO Hunting Season in OHIO!
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  1. Darlene Swaffar
    Darlene Swaffar says:

    This is a factless hit piece which is absolutely laughable. Swaffar for Congress does not work “hand in hand” with Chris Nelson however appreciates him fighting for our Constitutional Rights, as is the prerogative of any concerned American Citizen. Swaffar For Congress does not work with Tom Vauhn but commends him for knocking on doors, collecting Candidate petition signatures to help Candidates get elected.
    Southfloridafirst.com is managed and owned by Michael Rares who does an amazing job posting Events and Rallies as well as providing educational resources for Candidates interested in running.
    All this post does is share lies. Why don’t you consider doing something more productive with your time?

    • Mr.Rascarme Los Webos
      Mr.Rascarme Los Webos says:

      For a Candidate to comment so petty on a non-issue because YOU are the owner of South Florida First on SunBiz.org …. Gov docs shows that you are the owner owner. By commenting like a hysterical crazy woman you made people search and they all see that you are the owner promoting Richard Denapoli’s power grab! Birds of a feather fly together!


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