At a very embarrassing and confused Broward GOP meeting its Republican State Committeeman, Richard Denapoli, harshly attacks first time female applicants wanting to get involved in politics to promote Trump’s America First Agenda!

OPINION PIECE: Last weekend we at Drain Broward Swamp set off alarms for the America First community that is involved in their local GOP, more specifically the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) to attend their monthly in person meeting this past Monday evening. The reason for the alert was that GOP State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli attempted to make a power play shortly after Trump declared RINO hunting season on Blue-Blood, country club, executive Republicans that are ashamed of the conservative base yet drape themselves in Trump gear to remain relevant violating to their core beliefs. There were two issues that RINO Richard proposed to his supporters in an extreme and convoluted email sent to almost everyone stating what a guy he is by finding dead people on the rolls that was actually discovered by another committeeman in his private search. Richard da RINO chased that clout and made it his own to talk on cable news about his hard work. Richard “Dick” Denapoli proposed two motions that were important to his personal agenda:

Does NOT represent America First Values
  1. RINO MOTION #1:
    Richard “Dick” Denapoli was to amend the minutes of a previous meeting where Chairman Tom Powers of BREC was feeling sick in the past meeting thus he asked Richard Da RINO to read on the new members for him. Powers asked “Dick for a hand, but the RINO took the hand and yanked his arm out! He exceeded the granted authority and started giving absent committee men & women free passes in the form of “absence waivers” to his political supporting minions and no one else. He tried other maneuvers to keep his hold on power filling in the vacuum formed by Power’s absence due to illness. Denapoli did not have the apparent authority to proceed since the ONLY power delegated to him for that meeting was to “read on new members” and NOTHING ELSE! To Tom Powers…FYI….watch the OHIO Trump Rally when our President talks about the snake story below. America First Broward Patriots lost that motion 70-73 votes showing the need to recruit more patriots for the political fight to secure the Broward GOP for 2022. For those lazy BREC American First members…… SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR LAZINESS!
  2. RINO MOTION #2:
    The most offensive motion brought forward for the BREC members to vote on entailed Richard “Dick” Denapoli obtaining the names of the BREC membership. This does not mean the names and precinct s of the members. That is already public information to anyone who wants it. What the RINO wanted was to obtain ultra personal information like social security numbers, cell numbers, addresses, DOB, ect, ect! Even half of the Denapoli’s minions could not stomach the overhanded power grab of personal information of the BREC members. The room erupted in chaos with the majority of the room vocally showing displeasure. The RINO saw the writing on the wall and in an effort to save face with his minion Richard Da RINO withdrew his motion, but the cat was already out of the bag. People saw how petty Denapoli is in his constant eruptions in trying to take control of the meeting from the BREC board.

Why does Denapoli want the personal information of the hundreds of BREC members anyway? The main reason is he wants to intimidate female BREC applicants since the women of Broward are joining the local GOP to become more active for DeSantis and Trump. These women pose a challenge to the head RINO since they are red pilled America First Patriots that will not put up with bullshit. Denapoli felt threatened by these MAGA-Mamas shown in the disdain way he treated them by ONLY attacking women in the past Monday meeting. One Lady Patriot stated that the RINO got a hold of her cell number and called her up. He started to harass her on her qualifications to be a BREC member when this woman is a (R), lives in Broward County, and she changed from NPA over a year ago!

Two other women were attacked during the meeting especially this new to politics young mother named Katie. I was sitting in the room not believing what I was hearing when he attacked her for sending an email detailing her opinions. I have never seen a grown man so intimated by a strong minded Patriotic Trump supporter. Jackie was the next victim of the RINO’s misogynism. He tried to get so many women off the rolls solely because they are ultra America First. Some individuals that voted for Denapoli were not even sure what they were voting for until after the vote they were explained what happened. Learning the truth disgusted some of the newbie BREC-ers that that are displeased with Broward’s oldest RINO. I looked around and the star witness who accused the BREC board of losing his application (Enrique Leon & Chris Nelson) were a no show. Many of us in the audience wanted to hear more on the false allegations in Denapoli’s mass-email regarding the wo BREC members that he cited.

The mask came off Monday during the BREC meeting and many saw saw shit show for what it was…….a RINO trying to stay in power by any means possible after Trump put a political target on his back. We here at Drain Broward Swamp (DBS) do not wish Mr. Denapoli any physical harm whatsoever. When we talk about RINO Hunting the fun and harmless rhetoric we use here is to encourage Patriots to come out and push back against the Republican soft approach and convince Patriots to fight back making Florida First, Making Broward First increasing the quality of life with a massive push back against the policies promoted by the DNC!

Richard Da RINO Supporting Charlie Crist a Democrat!

The final point here is that Trump and his supporters like us at Drain Broward Swamp are assisting with draining the swamp of snakes and RINOs that that drape themselves as America First but milk their positions for personal gain instead of working for the Broward Citizens. massive amount of Republican and NPA voters are getting involved in the grassroots fight against the blue blood, country club, establishment machine that despise the flag waiving drain the swamp Trump supporters. These new grassroot activists need to be educated on the merits of Broward politics as to not re-elect cronies and minions of the Democrat-lites. We need strong willed individuals that will not bend a knee when confronted on their values. We need an army of America First to goin BREC the local GOP to help elect Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Trump in the upcoming elections!

Please call or email the chairman of BREC, your local GOP, and request an application to become a member today!

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  1. Robert M Easton Jr O.D. FAAO
    Robert M Easton Jr O.D. FAAO says:

    When will BREC stop eating their young? I’m a Reagan Republican, was a YR till 40 but never joined BREC because of the extreme egos within the group. Unfortunately the above article is an example of what has played out for years. The America First Patriots Club is a motivated, dedicated group of people who work together to preserve Donald J Trump’s “ Make America Great Again campaign “America First”. BREC should enjoy the enthusiasm of this organization as a potential boost for removal of RINOS from office and running America First Patriots against the corrupt establishment in Broward County. When will BREC ever learn?


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