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Broward Republican Leader FDLE Investigated For Mail-in-Voter Fraud With FBI to Further Investigate!

Boy has the tables turned on RINO Richard Denapoli who was discovered to to have committed Mail-in-Voter Fraud recently in the State of Florida. The article below states that the FBI is looking into an additional investigation against Denapoli since Federal Candidates were on the ballot that year. Looks like Michael Rares “South Florida First” […]

Broward Patriots Launch Recall Campaign to remove RINO Republican State Committeeman

We were alerted by a Broward Patriot that a relatively new organization, Floridians First, that was started by a local Personal Injury Attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera who was previously part of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale during the Broward Tea Party hey day started a private page to recall Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli. The […]

Republican State Committeeman Sues Broward Trump Supporter to Silence Protected Political Speech!

Looks like our very own Broward County Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli has sued a few of the Patriots in the MAGA community for voicing their opinions on a publicly elected official. Denapoli has sued Benjamin Bennett and Andrew Brett. Bennett used to be the SAA for Denapoli when he was Chairman of the […]

Denapoli SOE $$ Filings Questioned and Support of Q’Anon Supporter!

Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli took in large amount of cash reimbursements as shown in the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website, but his opponents question the integrity demanding proof in the form of receipts for mailers and robocalls. Looks like in this Supervisor of Elections (SOE) filed expense report the Broward County Republican […]

Millionaire Richard Denapoli Has History of Supporting Democrats Over Republicans in Broward County

Millionaire Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli has historically violated his Republican Party Loyalty Oath of Office by giving lip service to Republican candidates, but secretly donating $$$$ to Socialist Democrat challenger promoting Obama Care as Broward Republican Executive Committee Chairman! We live in an upside down world here what is right is wrong and […]

Richard Denapoli Accused of Selling Confidential BREC Membership Data to Broward Democrat Party Candidates!

Former Broward Republican Executive Committee Chairman Richard “Dick” Denapoli was formerly charged in a Republican Party of Florida grievance that was never formerly heard by the RPOF. Back In 2018 former Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) Chairman Richard Denapoli was formally accused of selling private and confidential BREC members’ information to Democrat candidates back in […]

Richard Denapoli Solely Attacks Trump’s America First Female Applicants Joining the Local Broward County GOP

At a very embarrassing and confused Broward GOP meeting its Republican State Committeeman, Richard Denapoli, harshly attacks first time female applicants wanting to get involved in politics to promote Trump’s America First Agenda! OPINION PIECE: Last weekend we at Drain Broward Swamp set off alarms for the America First community that is involved in their […]

After Trump Declares RINO Hunting Season Republican State Committeeman Dick Denapoli Attempts BREC Power Grab!

“ULTRA RINO Richard “Dick” Denapoli Has issued an email calling on Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) members to support his RINO power grab to obtain the personal information of BREC Patriots at Monday’s BREC meeting June 28, 2021.” OPINION PIECE: Trump’s first rally after having the 2020 presidential election stolen from him was held yesterday […]

Local Broward Executive Committeeman Drops Documented Bombshell Accusations Against RINO Richard Denapoli

Looks like a very well liked Broward Republican Executive Committeeman (BREC) has created a short documentary on Mr. Denapoli. We have uploaded a large amount of information to shed sunlight on the actions of Attorney Richard Denapoli who has been, in our opinion, behaving in the shadows as a Democrat in conservative clothing. Jesus said […]