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Republican Congressmen Back out of Misrepresented Veteran Fundraiser With Gen. Flynn Associated with Denapoli

Here is my take on the following Broward mess! State committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli has been in politics too long. Michele Merrill the State Committeewoman for Broward and Richard came up with this FOR PROFIT LLC that planned to pocket $$$$ donated towards disabled vets. As per the article it seems Merrell lied to two […]

Conservative” Resume? Broward Republican Leader Richard DeNapoli Served As Intern In Clinton White House

In a 2010 e-mail to members of the Broward Republican Republican Executive Committee (BREC), Richard DeNapoli touted his “conservative” resume as the main reason why Republicans should make him the next party chairman. DeNapoli listed his involvement with college republicans, attendance at events and even his position as an intern in the Clinton White House. […]

#NeverTrump? “Moderate” Republican Leader Richard DeNapoli’s Money Scorecard: Jeb Bush 4, Donald Trump 0

According to 2016 Federal records, Broward State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli made multiple contributions to the Presidential campaign of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Those same records show DeNapoli gave $0 to President Donald Trump. Is this why the Sarasota Herald-Tribune called Richard DeNapoli a “moderate” Republican in August 2016? In October 2015, Richard DeNapoli was named […]

Richard DeNapoli Supported Charlie Crist and Obama’s Stimulus Act

With Senator Marco Rubio giving a full-throated video endorsement of his “friend” and “only conservative,” Julio Gonzalez over his opponent Richard DeNapoli, is it a surprise to anyone that DeNapoli has scrubbed all of the pictures of him and Rubio from his website and Facebook page? Contrary to what DeNapoli was telling Sarasota voters, Rubio really despises […]

Richard DeNapoli and Broward Republicans Mirror Obama Tactics

It is unfortunate to report that the Republican party in Broward County is engaging in the same voter suppression and candidate intimidation tactics of the Obama administration, as the embattled local Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) led by their equally sketchy Chairman Richard DeNapoli (pictured) are using these same Obama tactics in an attempt to try […]