We were alerted by a Broward Patriot that a relatively new organization, Floridians First, that was started by a local Personal Injury Attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera who was previously part of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale during the Broward Tea Party hey day started a private page to recall Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli. The page looks like its in draft and not completed since the charges for the recall has NOT been listed. Carrera has been threatening a recall through Floridians First for quite a while in his political strategy meetings and his monthly Freedom Corner MAGA rallies. We here are excited that someone has grown a pair to start action or at the least educate the public on the RINO problem in Broward County. It is NOT known when this page will be live for Republicans to sign the recall petition. We here at Drain Broward swamp (DBS) will keep tabs on this page for the recall.

The MAGA, America First, Tea Party, U.S. Constitutional conservatives are all in unity against the enemy within the Republican party. Problem is that there are many NEW conservatives that have started groups thinking they are working with conservatives but in fact they are working with snakes. Trump talked about the snakes in his Sarasota, Florida SAVE AMERICA rally. Michael Rares at South Florida First, a self declared Q’Anon believer, jumped into Broward Politics in May 2021 after Candidate Darlene Swaffar gave Rares access to the South Florida First. Rares has admitted receiving assistance for the organization and for Swaffar’s campaign from Richard Denapoli the RINO. Credit to Mr. Rares for scrubbing his site of all pro-Denapoli political articles and replacing it with the precinct Project agenda of filling up the local GOP with activists. We here at DBS invite Mr. Rares to reject Denapoli publicly for the RINO that in our opinion he is as an elected official for the republican Party that have violated his oath of office and his party’s loyalty oath! Once Floridians First removes Denapoli all Republican organisations must work to get the 250,000 Republican votes out for Gov Ron DeSantis in 2022 and Donald Trump in 2024!

Denapoli’s Hair plugs Humor Pic Found on the Internet!

Below you will find a list of charges found on Floridians First recall website that lists the terrible actions of Republican State Committeeman Richard Denapoli in where he violates his Republican Loyalty Oath!

  • Denapoli Has a History of Supporting multiple Democrat Candidates While Serving in the Broward GOP Leadership. 
  • Richard Denapoli Accused of Selling Confidential Broward GOP member Data to Democrat Party Candidates while in Republican leadership!
  • Accused of Draping Himself in the Trump MAGA Flag, but behind the scenes Denapoli accused of blocking Ron DeSantis for Governor Campaign in Broward County!
  • Denapoli uses His Republican State Committeeman Position to Steer political donations by misrepresenting political events as a Republican REC event!
  • Denapoli Accused of Falsifying Gov Position Applications Time-After-Time to Obtain Power!
  • Richard Denapoli Was a Dedicated Intern in the Bill Clinton White House! (Once a Dem, always a Dem!)
Pic of Floridians First tee Shirt
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Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli took in large amount of cash reimbursements as shown in the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website, but his opponents question the integrity demanding proof in the form of receipts for mailers and robocalls.

Looks like in this Supervisor of Elections (SOE) filed expense report the Broward County Republican State Committeeman only donated $100 but, reimbursed himself close to $7,985.96 in expenses. Mr. Denapoli is a millionaire who spent around $80,000 to obtain Republican votes to get elected to the State Committeeman position that does NOT pay a salary. The Volunteer position is for those who have a sense of giving back to the community politically through their good will. Many in the MAGA community are rumored to be upset after hearing the Mr. Denapoli spent large amounts of their own wealth to obtain a prestigious seat such as State Committeeman. These same people become quite emotionally upset finding out that the report filed as presented above that Mr. Denapoli requests reimbursements for traveling and self promotion. This is just another piece of information that stacks up against Denapoli’s character in our opinion.

One of Richard Denapoli’s “mailers” specifically states that its a NO COST platform! If his mailers are free why is Richard Denapoli taking $$$$ from the Republican Party for mailers? These are questions that need to be answered immediately. BREC should be asking these questions especially BREC’s Treasurer who is a staunch Richard Denapoli supporter. Please see the bottom of the mailer depicted below. If you want to view the whole mailer please click here! Who will stand up to Denapoli and call him on the carpet??? It is time that the members of BREC call Denapoli out and remove him for violating his Republican Loyalty Oath if this below is proven to be true in our opinion. These are unanswered questions that demand a response.

It is well known that as the Elected State Committeeman the job entitles assisting candidates and the local Republicans’ Executive Committee. At the time of filing this report it is unknown if DeNapoli has has ever raised funds for the local GOP to assist local candidates. It is known that Denapoli along with his Republican State Committeewoman Michelle Merrill raised a large amount of cash by booking and paying a speaker fee to have General Flynn speak for a military charity. You can read the whole story on that here where two (2) sitting U.S. Florida Congressmen walked away from the event when they initially were informed that the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) was hosting the event. They were informed via Drain Broward Swamp (DBS) that the event was actually being hosted by a FOR-PROFIT Corporation.

Richard with long time

The Article reported as follows:

“According to a source very close to one of the congressmen, the congressman in question was under the impression that this was a fundraiser for veterans put on by the questionable Broward County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) because Michelle Merrell, the group’s state committeewoman allegedly misrepresented herself when she pitched the event to him.

This event is not sanctioned by the Broward Republican Party, rather it’s put together by a fly-by-night Florida corporation— South Florida Conservative Coalition, LLc —that was set up by Merrell less than two months ago. But in looking at the fundraising email promoting the event, one would think that it was fully sanctioned by the local Republican Party. Who wouldn’t think that this was an official Broward GOP event?”

In our opinion we question whether DeNapoli with a history of being a long time Democrat actually has the best interest of the Republican Party in Broward County and that of the whole state of Florida. The reimbursements as reported above is just an additional weight of evidence against the character of Mr. Denapoli. We further believe that this elected official in his capacity as a Republican in the leadership of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) should be doing more to push the agenda of President Trump instead of secretly blocking strong conservative voices and policies in the MAGA community. This has been confirmed by unnamed sources but here at DBS must advise that this piece of information is rumored and we are promised that evidence will later be provided so take the following with a grain of thought; that because Richard Denapoli refused to sign off on a request for a Broward County Trump Club formation the group requesting was denied. That the denial was sent to the potential club founder from then BREC Chairman George Moraitis on his law firm letterhead. The letter allegedly contained that due to one of the two attorneys not signing off the Trump club request to form a Republican group is denied. Out of the two attorneys at the time referenced in the letter on of them signed and the second attorney that refused to sign off was no other than our current Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli. Again, This was provided by an unnamed source that has intimate knowledge of the event thus give it the weight that it deserves in your evaluation of Richard Denapoli. We here try to be as accurate as possible.

Lastly, Mr Denapoli’s supporters at the “South Florida First” political activist group have posted stories on their webpage promoting Denapoli’s political BREC positions and posting articles attacking Tom Powers the current BREC chair. It is important to note that the BREC Treasurer Charles Solak and Republican State Committeewoman Michelle Merrill filed a Republican Party grievance against Tom Powers for frivlous offenses. Both are part of the Richard Denapoli support group. More importantly, these two grievances’ go the the committee that Richard Denapoli chairs for the RPOF. In our opinion this smells to high heaven. Looking at South Florida First as recently as last night it seems these two specific support stories have been scrubbed from their website. The website of South Florida First is managed and run by Mr. Michael Rares a self-confessed QAnon enthusiast. Michael Rares admits to having multiple lengthy conversations with Richard Denapoli all the while the news section of South Florida First posts pro-Richard Denapoli articles. One of those posts was a direct mailer that was a mass email sent out and paid for by Richard DeNapoli, Broward Republican State Committeeman. According to Wikipedia, “QAnon is a disproven far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles operate a global child sex trafficking ring and conspired against former President Donald Trump during his term in office. QAnon has been described as a cult.”

Drain Broward Swamp does not know why “South Florida First” took down the pro-Denapoli news articles but, we all pray that this newly formed political group see the light that RINO Denapoli is a swamp creature in the Broward County political swamp that needs to GO!

-Drain Broward Swamp-

DBS does not know why South Florida First took the pro-Denapoli news articles down but, we all pray that this newly formed group see’s the light that Denapoli is a swamp creature in the Broward County political swamp that needs to go. Sources inside the Ron DeSantis for Governor campaign have made it known that Richard Denapoli is one of the greatest blocks in Broward County for Republican support. There is an estimated 250,000 Republican voters in Broward County. BREC under Richard Denapoli and George Moraitis brag that they turned out in 2020 Trump Presidential election an estimated 34% of the Republican vote. DBS asks what happed to the majority (66%) of the 250,000 republican Votes.

BREC Leadership With Denapoli to the left of Treasurer Charles Solak

DeNapoli said he was, “America First, before it was cool.” From the sound of the booing, the crowd was not impressed.

What did I miss, what did I miss!! I need to get out more to these political events in Broward County! The MAGA community this week is on fire when a video of Richard Denapoli, Republican State Committeeman floated on the internet last Tuesday night with Richard declaring that there are NO RINO’s in Broward Republican leadership. RED BROWARD is reporting, “Broward Republican Party Official Richard DeNapoli was booed Tuesday evening at a local Donald Trump event in Pompano Beach. DeNapoli, who serves as the elected State Committeeman, was called a “liar” multiple times when he told the crowd there were no “RINOS” in the Broward Republican Party leadership. The term RINO, which stands for “Republican In Name Only,” is used against leaders who worked to oppose conservative causes. DeNapoli was attending a Jews For Trump event at Galuppis Restaurant. DeNapoli said it was the “honor of his life” to serve as the emcee of a Boca Raton Trump event in 2016. DeNapoli said he was, “America First, before it was cool.” From the sound of the booing, the crowd was not impressed. credit for the video

Witnesses at the event reported that Mr. Andrew Brett, President of the Broward Log cabin political Group, was invited to speak among other candidates. Mr. Brett declared that he is again running for Richard Denapoli’s seat of Republican State Committeeman in 2024. He also declared that we needed to get rid of the RINOs in Broward County. It was obvious to the attendees that Denapoli arose to speak with an upset look on his face since he was just challenged by the same man he is suing in Broward County Court for slander for reporting that he did not live at the address he reported running for public office. That is another story regarding bullying that DBW will report later down the road. Denapoli obviously irritated by the RINO comment stated as he did in the video posted in the post. Denapoli being 3-years away from any challenge could have maintained his grace and dignity by being the better man and not responding. He chose to go petty and the video states the reaction of the room that they did NOT believe him that Broward did not have a RINO problem!


Can it be possible that the Anti-RINO warriors are wrong on Richard Denapoli? Can Richard the victim card playing politico be the true victim who has done no wrong? Let’s back up before we believe a lie and lose Broward County for a few more election cycles. Drain Broward Swamp (DBS) is actively investigating and trying to obtain the two Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) complaints that the Trump 2020 campaign filed against the Broward Republican Executive Committee BREC), The Broward local GOP machine, for receiving ZERO help when Denapoli was chairman of BREC. These rumors must be verified and at DBS we strive to provide you with hard core evidence to make the case for you to join the battle in saving the Broward GOP. DBS shall provide its supporters and haters at a later date more information as it becomes available. For now these accusations are hearsay and should be treated as hearsay until verified!

Going back to the the question if Denapoli was a Trumper before it was cool to be a Trumper is true or is he a snake oil salesman that rode the wave because there were no RINO coat tails to ride into power with because the PEOPLE were pissed off at Politics as Usual! According to 2016 Federal records, Broward State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli made multiple contributions to the Presidential campaign of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Those same records show DeNapoli gave $0 to President Donald Trump. Is this why the Sarasota Herald-Tribune called Richard DeNapoli a “moderate” Republican in August 2016?

Richard Denapoli is a Moderate

In October 2015, Richard DeNapoli was named to Governor Jeb Bush’s Broward campaign team along with frequent ally Rico Petrocelli. Federal campaign records show DeNapoli’s support of Bush began months earlier. In January 2015, DeNapoli made a contribution to the “Right To Rise PAC,” a pro-Jeb Bush political committee which attacked Sen. Marco Rubio. According to the New York Times, “Some Right to Rise donors have been worried for months about attacking Mr. Rubio, especially after Right to Rise showed a video it had made portraying him as unelectable, because of his hard-line views against abortion….” In June 2015, Richard DeNapoli made two contributions to the Jeb Bush political committee. He made his last contribution in September 2015. By late February 2016, Jeb Bush dropped out of the race. Less than two weeks later, DeNapoli jumped ship to support Donald Trump.

DeNapoli tried to explain his rationale to the Sun-Sentinel. “Clearly the sentiment out there is a lot of Republicans are fed up. Not only with the establishment, because they haven’t delivered on a lot of promises. And they want someone who can disrupt the system and get things accomplished. And Trump is their champion,” DeNapoli said. “They’ve heard these promises for years and years, and they don’t feel they’ve been delivered on.” Even though DeNapoli was part of the party establishment, he was named “Fort Lauderdale area director of Trump’s presidential campaign.” Federal records show DeNapoli’s words of support for Donald Trump were not backed up by his checkbook. Campaign records do not show any contributions to President Donald Trump. The Federal records show DeNapoli made two contributions in 2016: one to the Republican Party in June 2016, and an October 2016 contribution to Sen. Marco Rubio.


Even though Richard DeNapoli likes to say, “I always support our Republican nominees,” he has been dogged by accusations of lukewarm support of these candidates. In 2010, DeNapoli was a strong supporter of Charlie Crist’s US Senate campaign. Federal records show DeNapoli was an early supporter with a $1,000 contribution in December 2009. After Marco Rubio defeated Crist for the nomination, some Rubio backers claimed DeNapoli did little to help. Javier Manjarres gave DeNapoli the dreaded “Charlie Crist Republican” label.

Federal records do not show any 2010 contribution to Rubio by DeNapoli. That same year, Richard DeNapoli was an early supporter of Bill McCollum’s bid for Florida Governor. According to his “conservative” resume provided to members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) in 2010, DeNapoli was, “Named to Broward County Political Leadership Team, Steering Committee, Bill McCollum for Governor.”


DeNapoli made two contributions to McCollum in 2009 and a third just before the August 2010 primary. McCollum was soundly defeated by Rick Scott. DeNapoli told BREC members, “I proudly supported Bill McCollum in the primary – my commitment to his campaign began prior to my time as BREC Treasurer…and when McCollum lost I proudly supported our Republican nominee and now Governor-Elect Rick Scott. I always support our Republican nominees.” State records show Richard DeNapoli made a single $25 contribution to Rick Scott on October 10, 2010. As REDBROWARD exposed last week, Richard DeNapoli’s claim to “always support our Republican nominees” does not extended to women running for Broward County Judge.

In 2016, BREC failed to include Judge Nina DiPietro on its list of endorsements. Her husband, David DiPietro was former legal counsel for BREC. After some prominent Republicans complained about DiPietro’s exclusion, BREC was forced to print new endorsement cards. Buddy Nevins of “was also told that the board of directors of the local GOP were split over whether to redo the cards, which will be distributed to select voters. A number of directors opposed changing the list to include Judge Di Pietro.” Why? According to former BREC Chairman Robert Sutton, one particular BREC Board member did not want Judge Nina DiPietro the palm card.

“Richard DeNapoli did not want Nina DiPietro to get the BREC endorsement,” Sutton told REDBROWARD. In an October 2016 e-mail to REDBROWARD, DeNapoli included the endorsement card without DiPietro. He said it was available on the party Facebook page. DeNapoli wrote, “This was the finalized guide as decided by the Board and amendments voted upon by the BREC members at the September meeting.” Sutton said party leaders in Tallahassee were extremely angry over the slight and the cards were reprinted. This year, the BREC Board endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for the Broward County Court Judge Group 9 seat. Twice! In August 2016, the BREC Board endorsed Tanner Channing Demmery over Leonore Greller and Corey Amanda Cawthon. In the November runoff, the BREC Board once again endorsed Demmery over Cawthon.

The BREC Board members are Chairman George Moraitis, Vice Chair Celeste Ellich, Secretary Rupert Tarsey, Treasurer Kevin Moot, State Committeewoman Michele Merrell and Richard DeNapoli. In October, Javier Manjarres of the Shark Tank asked why the BREC leadership decided to endorse Demmery, a Democrat public defender over Corey Cawthon, a registered Republican. Manjarres wrote, “This is disgraceful for Republicans, but is an expected move from the embattled misfit group of Republicans who supposedly represent all Broward Republicans.” According to Manjarres, Chairman George Moraitis, “affirmed the decision, stating that the decision was made to endorse after ‘the attorneys’ recommended it. Moraitis did not say who the attorneys were.”


has Denapoli the Conservative values that he barked out at last Tuesday’s event? In the opinion of this writer I state NO! The man was a former Democrat intern in the Clinton White House who always backed, supported and voted for swamp creatures. He has benefited from the corruption of selling private BREC donor and voter lists to active Democrat candidates in Broward County. He is the Chairman of the RPOF Grievance Committee where multiple grievances against Denapoli has landed and disappeared into thin air without Denapoli recusing himself with the obvious conflict of interests.

Surprisingly there are MAGA republicans in BREC that only want to feel good and fight against the RINO Hunters more that the RINOs. They do not like conflict yet push against those BREC members that strive to educate the new BREC members of the historical past unless we repeat history. These self-declared America First Patriots (in name only) individuals need to realize that when Trump states to fight he means get your hands dirty removing RINOs. Yes, it will feel uneasy having to make a choice between left & right. Yes, people might not want to have coffee or like your Facebook pics anymore. It all boils down to sacrifice and what YOU are willing to sacrifice to take over Broward and make it RED! Are you willing to sacrifice some so called friends that never really liked you in the first place? Are you willing to put your foot in the fight even if that means getting the “stinky eye” in a BREC meeting from some Decrypted old lady that is set in her Moderate Blue Blood Establishment ways?

If someone comes to you requesting unity just respond back that the the MAGA, Constitutional Conservatives, America First community is united but the Democrat lite Republicans that support Denapoli are causing all the division! The time for change is now. What are you willing to sacrifice to get Ron DeSantis and Donald trump elected? Your vote is no longer good enough you MUST do more!

Gen. Flynn Banner Drop Against RINO Richard Denapoli


May 20 11:32 PM EST

Seems like Denapoli or his minions decided to run to the Davie Blvd overpass to cut out “Richard Denapoli’s” side of the banner showing his image. The insult comes in that he decided to leave GEN. FLYN HANGING – SWINGING IN THE WIND! I am talking literally hanging half a banner depicting Gen. Flynn for all to see. This RINO did not have the decency to take down the WHOLE banner. I mean, its his key note speaker hanging in the wind up there! Up on I-95 heading south bound. We know it was not the sheriff’s office or country or city because they at least have the sense to take it down in whole. Someone selfish only cut himself down leaving the General to fend for himself. In my opinion, I think that Richard “Dick” Denapoli has contempt for Flynn and is only using him to line his “for profit LLC” pockets with Flynn’s name. We know the left despises the military and here is a sub-conscience action allowing us glimpse into the heart of a corrupt politician in my personal opinion. I think the Broward GOP needs to recall this RINO before he does more damage to BREC nationwide!

Looks like Denapoli’s or his people left Gen Flynn hanging in the wind….LOL! Literally!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Seems that someone is pissed off at Broward Republican Executive Committee RINO super star Richard Denapoli (pictured below) who was elected to the office of State Committeeman in 2020. Denapoli holds himself out as a Trump loving Republican as he fundraises for himself. The TRUTH is that Mr. Denapoli is actually a former Democrat that cannot shake off his old blue progressive ways. Historically Mr. Denapli has been opposed to America First candidates and policies. The local rank and file trump loving radical conservatives do not know what to do with him since he has a few million$ in his personal bank account to pay for direct USPS mailing prior to the vote for Committee man race to beat out a field of better qualified candidates.

Those Republicans that voted for him were unaware of his political blue past of selling private Republican donor lists to Democrat candidates in 2018. I also bet you they did not know he was an intern in President Bill Clinton’s Whitehouse……WTF?!?!?!?!?! This man is definitely a political opportunist that needs to walk away from Broward politics! Who else goes as a Republican to a DEMOCRAT Charlie Crist event?!?!?!?!? The pic below is Denapoli with Crist when RINO Crist had an “R” next to his name. Today, Charlie Crist will run for Florida Governor as a progressive socialist Democrat…… let that sink in. (Birds of a feather?).

Mr. Denapoli is associated with current RINO State Committee woman Michelle Merrell of Broward County, which is the bluest county in Florida. Both within weeks started up a FOR PROFIT LLC and are holding a fundraiser where ticket prices are $150 to $300 for the purchaser. The event is to be held this Friday, May 21, 2021 at the Signature Grand on State Road 84 in Davie, Florida. The ad says that “A PORTION” of the raised funds will go to the disabled veterans charity called Soldier Strong. What “portion” of the $150 admission is actually going to Soldier Strong? It is rumored that this event is having a protest organized to bring light to the misrepresented event this Friday @ 6 PM.

An article on the Floridian Press describes the con this way:

“We will never know. Private businesses like South Florida Conservative Coalition, Llc, do not have to disclose their sources of revenue, nor do they have to disclose how much money they paid out in expenses or donations. Merrell and those helping her put the event together could very well be pocketing the bulk of the money that unsuspecting attendees to the event will be shelling out. One of those close associates of Merrell is accused of having physically and sexually assaulted a woman and according to court records, was taken to court for failing to pay child support.” Great read to understand the complicated mess Gen Mike Flynn got himself into….. (

On Thursday, May 20, 2021 about 8:00 commuters on I-95 going to work in the Southbound lane witnessed a banner drop. It was communicated to Drain Broward (DBS) of the banner drop and pictures were sent to a secure TOR method of delivery. The picture show a banner hanging on the Northside of the Davie Blvd overpass of I-95 depicting Gen. Flynn in his full uniform on one side and Richard Denapoli on the other side labeling Denapoli as a RINO! The banner states that Gen. Flynn should “BEWARE OF RINO RICHARD DENAPOLI.” Without further content it is the opinion of this writer that Gen. Flynn should beware of the Military charity event co-hosted by a Charlie Crist supporting politician that has been accused of stolen valor in the past. This was confirmed and reported by the conservative news house called “Breitbart News.” To verify and read that accusation please go to: ( It is rumored that many Patriots and conservative Republican groups in Broward are trying to convince Gen. Flynn to distance himself from the stolen valor co-host of the event. Furthermore, the two hosts are known for blocking and frustrating MAGA candidates and its supporters through their official Republican position. Gen. Flynn is known world wide for being a Trump supporter who fights RINOs. It baffles many in Broward that Flynn would align himself with Broward County’s worst in the local GOP.

Another question I have is why the Broward Republican Executive Committee Treasurer Charles Solak buying up tickets and giving them away when he should be denouncing this farce! Merrell and Denapoli misrepresented this as a BREC event when that was a bold face lie causing Congressmen Greg Steube  and Michael Waltz, to walk away from the advertised event. Days after the Congressmen cancelled their speaking event Merrell and Denapoli continue to advertise the 2 congressmen as speakers.

News source reports that:

According to a source very close to one of the congressmen, the congressman in question was under the impression that this was a fundraiser for veterans put on by the questionable Broward County Republican Executive Committee  (BREC) because Michelle Merrell, the group’s state committeewoman allegedly misrepresented herself when she pitched the event to him. This event is not sanctioned by the Broward Republican Party, rather it’s put together by a fly-by-night Florida corporation— South Florida Conservative Coalition, LLc —that was set up by Merrell less than two months ago. But in looking at the fundraising email promoting the event, one would think that it was fully sanctioned by the local Republican Party. Who wouldn’t think that this was an official Broward GOP event?

This writer would like to send a message to Gen. Mike Flynn so if you have an avenue to get this to him please do: Gen. Flynn……as a Patriot I ask that you walk away from this misrepresented con job known as a charity for our vets. So far two elected U.S. Congressmen: (Reps. Greg Steube and Michael Waltz) have walked away from this sham to pocket our military heroes’ monies that would better their lives. You might want to discount this as a local drama comment but all politics is local. The Patriots in Broward county will not stand for Merrell and Denapli to run their sham as the local GOP sits broke with no support from these two POS RINOs. There will be a rally at your speaking event by what I read on the conservative blogs bringing light to this misrepresented charity event. We love you, we honor you, we supported you throughout your witch-hunt, and we continue to support BUT not on this. If you continue to support RINOs this way knowing that little funds are being channeled to Soldier Strong then you will be nothing more than the regular politicians that say one thing and do another when no one is watching. We all voted for Trump to get away from from flip-flopping presidents and now we see you heading in that direction. Please change your mind about this event! You are giving a monies infusion to RINOs that will not support Trump supporters but use that cash to work against the America First agenda. Your either with us or against us but you cant ride the fence. Make us proud and walk away!

RINO Richard Denapoli not liked by Broward Patriots