Looks like our very own Broward County Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli has sued a few of the Patriots in the MAGA community for voicing their opinions on a publicly elected official. Denapoli has sued Benjamin Bennett and Andrew Brett. Bennett used to be the SAA for Denapoli when he was Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) as well as other chairmen in the past. Andrew Brett is a self-declared Trump man who is President for the Broward County Log Cabin club. Both men were hit with Libel/Slander lawsuits for their political speech.

Andrew Brett on June 28, 2020 was a candidate for the Broward County Republican State Committeeman position against Richard “Dick” Denapoli. In a certified court document, an email was sent to multiple recipients to the CG Trust (Coral Gables Trust, Co.), and its Executive Board members. The issue at matter is that Mr. Brett quoted Mr. Denapoli’s speech where Mr. Denapoli bragged of raising over $500,000 for the local GOP (BREC). Mr. Brett in his email to Denapoli’s employment questioned how the $500,000 was spent since no records were provided to BREC members. Brett states that many State and Federal candidates were trying to find out what happened to that money that Denapoli allegedly raised.

Andrew Brett with
Gen. Mike Flynn

Mr. Brett states that he has a friend in the state of Texas who was a candidate that received financial assistance from the local GOP and from a State Republican Club. In the verified Broward County Court Document, it states that no local Broward candidates received any financial assistance from BREC or the State Republican Club. Brett requests that CG Trust search their records to see if the $500,000 raised by Denapoli is deposited in CG Trust.

Mr. Brett sent a link to a video also accusing Denapoli of falsifying documents in Palm Beach County to run for an elected position there. Mr. Brett finally makes a plea as follows: “I and other Republican candidates truly look forward to hearing from you as to whether Mr. Denapoli used your bank and his place of employment to funnel these funds that are nowhere to be found.”

In our opinion we see no slander in the email sent out by Mr. Brett only questions to a claim made by Mr. Denapoli on a haul of half a million dollars that should have gone to Republicans in Broward County. If this amount of funds were truly raised, then those resources could have helped many MAGA candidates in Broward County against the Socialist Democrat party that has won many elections locally. Andrew Brett posted the video below describing this very fact on YouTube including much more.

In our opinion it looks like this lawsuit was filed to stop the FREE SPEECH of Mr. Brett. Political speech is the most protected form of speech under the U.S. Constitution. U.S. states that, “Core political speech consists of conduct and words that are intended to directly rally public support for a particular issue, position, or candidate. In one prominent case, the U.S. Supreme Court suggested that core political speech involves any “interactive communication concerning political change.” Meyer v. Grant, 486 U.S. 414, 108 S. Ct. 1886, 100 L. Ed. 2d 425 (1988). Discussion of public issues and debate on the qualifications of candidates, the Supreme Court concluded, are forms of political expression integral to the system of government established by the federal Constitution. Buckley v. Valeo, 424 U.S. 1, 96 S. Ct. 612, 46 L. Ed. 2d 659 (1976). Thus, circulating handbooks and petitions, posting signs and placards, and making speeches and orations are all forms of core political speech, so long as they in some way address social issues, political positions, political parties, political candidates, government officials, or governmental activities.”

Andrew Brett was merely trying to smoke out corruption in Broward County against a candidate named Richard Denapoli. Mr. Denapoli a multimillionaire has funds for lawyers where Mr. Brett for lack of funds is forced to represent himself. This type of bullying is well known in the America First community at the hands of Richard Denapoli. Here at DBS we always ask where is the local law enforcement, the Broward Sherriff, or FDLE to investigate the actions of Richard Denapoli. The Board of BREC stands by in fear and does not form a vote on Denapoli for the list of Republican Loyalty oath violations Denapoli has accrued in his BREC political career.

Current Broward Republican State
Committeeman Richard Denapoli

In our opinion and observations, other Broward political activist groups are aware of Richard Denapoli and his Republican violations, but they chose to use him to further their agenda since he is currently the feared top dog in the Broward political landscape. That is about to change soon and Michael Rares of SOUTH FLORIDA FIRST will be fully informed of whom he receives political assistance from. It is so sad that the Denapolis of the world use corruption to obtain power and when that power is achieved that they share it with others to push back against the defenders of truth. Andrew Brett is one of many that shout the truth from the roof tops. Donald Trump wants us to fight, fight, fight to get rid of these RINOs! Will the local GOP listen, grow a pair, and do their job!

Benjamin Bennet’s case shall be published tomorrow so please stay tuned as the Richard RINO Denapoli show continues. Do not fear……there are those of us working behind the scenes on something BIG! Below you can find the case number to view the files since this is open to the public for viewing.

Millionaire Republican State Committeeman Richard “Dick” Denapoli has historically violated his Republican Party Loyalty Oath of Office by giving lip service to Republican candidates, but secretly donating $$$$ to Socialist Democrat challenger promoting Obama Care as Broward Republican Executive Committee Chairman!

We live in an upside down world here what is right is wrong and what is evil is good. With the Trump campaign purging RINOs nationwide the battle in Broward is underway with Richard Denapoli, Broward Republican State Committeeman, who continues to violate his Republican loyalty oath. At this point in the article your wondering, WHAT NOW?!?!?! In our former reporting we addressed the grievance filed against Denapoli that was made to disappear by RPOF Joe Gruters – in that Denapoli as Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) Chairman endorsed more registered Broward Democrats for non-partisan seats (Judges & school Board) than those in his own party. These endorsements were made without a BREC E-Board or BREC member vote. Mr. Denapoli unilaterally endorsed these Democrats leaving those in his party scratching their heads. It was alleged in a verified 2018 Republican grievance that Mr. Denapoli was selling proprietary BREC member and donor lists to Active registered progressive Democrats for cash that “may” have ultimately led to his Republican Chairman endorsement.

We thank all the citizens of Broward County that love Florida who have emailed us research on Mr. Denapoli. It has been verified that during the tenure of Richard Denapoli as BREC chairman in 2012 gave lip service promotion to his good friend Douglas Harrison who ran against former Republican turned Democrat Richard Stark. progressive candidate Stark left the Democrat party to join the weak BREC. The Sun Sentinel Reports, “because he thought the Republicans had a better chance to pass and implement universal health care through the private market.” Stark was trying to implement Obama style universal healthcare through the Republican party. He would later turn back to the Democrat Party in Broward to run against Denapoli’s good friend Douglas “Doug” Harrison. In the video below you will see with your own eyes Denapoli interviewing Republican Party candidate Doug Harrison behind the American flag.

Why Is RINO Denapoli Balding Greatly in 2012, BUT He has an Abundance of Hair in 2021??? Could he be Sporting a Bad Rug?

Federal donation records clearly reflect that Denapoli secretly donated at the time to Stark against a Republican Candidate and a close friend of his. We here at Drain Broward Swamp (DBS) wonder what type of person would violate a friends trust by donating to their opponent’s campaign. 2012 was the height of the Tea Party movement to stop socialist/progressive Obama care take over of the healthcare industry. Stark was a champion of Obamacare who was formerly a Republican who turned Democrat operative. is a website that documents individual donations to candidates as reported to the Federal government. A search of Mr. Denapoli shows that on 9/22/2012, just 10-days after donating $100 to Harrison, Denapoli donated $100 to Democrat Party Richard Neil Stark.

In Our Opinion:

RINO Richard “Dick” Denapoli supporting Democrats against Republican candidates holding the seat of trust as Republican Chairman of Broward County violates the Republican Loyalty Oath and should bar Denapoli from ever holding a seat of power in the Republican Party of Florida. We all know that Denapoli is a former Democrat who was an intern in the President Bill Clinton’s White House. He fought hard against solid Tea Party and America First candidates that wanted to push Broward into the red zone. Denapoli is a typical Establishment Blue Blood RINO that has a silver tongue telling you what you want to hear and behind the scenes he blocks and fights Constitutional Conservatives with fervor. The Question is why is this swamp creature still operating in Broward County as a trusted Republican when the evidence shows that he will stab his friends and the Republican Party in the back by endorsing the opposition socialist party?

RINO Richard Denapoli Publicly Declares Blue Broward RINO-Free
Now He Has Hair?!?!?!?!?!