((((Please share with all BREC members and Republicans)))) When will this RINO crap ever end in Broward County folks? Its like these swap creatures continue to terrorize and harm the local MAGA GOP by denying it funds and its energies. Merrell and Denapoli have been the RINO power couple in Broward even though they are not married. The article below is a second look from the first article where these two in the last few weeks started up a FOR PROFIT LLC. They then lied to two (2) GOP stars: Reps. Greg Steube and Michael Waltz that the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) was holding a fundraiser for disabled vets. They then convince Gen. Flynn to attend to support the vets. Problem is only a “portion” of the funds go to the vets. Where does the rest of the monies go? Rep. Waltz reconfirmed to The Floridian on Tuesday afternoon in Washington, D.C. that he had pulled out of the questionable event. To this date Reps. Greg Steube has bailed on the two RINOs since they would have unknowingly violated financial state ethic laws. Its almost as if the two RINOs are working on behalf of the Democrat party! No excuse for these two and I suggest someone in BREC study the option of a recall on these two political traitors!

#1 Broward RINO Richard Denapoli Must GO!

Shortly after the news broke that Reps. Greg Steube and Michael Waltz dropped out of her misrepresented wounded veteran fundraiser with General Michael Flynn this coming weekend, Broward County Republican State Committeewoman Michelle Merrell deliberately sent out another event email that appears to impersonate Gen. Flynn and falsely claims that both Reps. Steube and Waltz were still speaking at the event.

Rep. Waltz reconfirmed to The Floridian on Tuesday afternoon in Washington, D.C. that he had pulled out of the questionable event.

The new email, which was scrubbed of Michelle Merrell’s abuse and illegal use of her official position within the Republican Party, was sent out as if General Flynn sent the email out himself.

One former Broward Republican Chairman with close ties to Gov. Ron DeSantis called the email nothing less than “misleading” and an outright lie.

Here is how Merrell’s email looked as it hit inboxes.

Here is an official email sent out from Senator Marco Rubio.

Does the “Gen. Michael Flynn” email lead recipients to believe it is an official communication from the general himself?

The event email still states that only a “portion of the proceeds” will go to the veteran’s group SoldierStrong, but now the disclaimer has also been altered. Merrell’s name and official title of state committeewoman have been removed and only her for-profit company is listed as the responsible party for the event.

Disclaimer Before:

Disclaimer After:

According to a Republican source close to Merrell, Merrell is listening to bad advice and is hemorrhaging credibility by taking part in these deceptive antics.

A protest of the event is still said to be scheduled to take place at the Signature Grand in Davie, Florida this May 21st at 6pm.

My friends this website was built to bring you facts and not some BS twist that allows corrupt politicians to to game our party. These two people’s antics is the reason why Trump campaign in 2020 complained to the RPOF that BREC in the hands or Denapoli and Merrell gave Trump no support. Please share this with Committee men and women of all counties in Florida because sunshine is the best disinfectant!

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